EnvironOxide™ solids are produced by Iron Oxide Recovery who pioneered the recovery of these solids at passive mine water treatment systems in Pennsylvania.  EnvironOxide™ products are 70-95% pure (FeOOH, Fe(OH)3) with strong pigmentary characteristics, high surface area and low particle size.  

Hoover Color Corporation produces a line of EnvironOxide™ pigments that are recognized as the only green pigments available in the world.

EnvironOxide™ is useful in remediation applications because of high reactivity and adsorptive capabilities.  Studies with contaminated soils have shown strong affinity for As, Cd, Cu, and Zn.  EnvironOxide™ is a component of the TRAPPS™ soil stabilization system which is used to treat Pb-contaminated soils. 

A large field experiment recently demonstrated that release of Se by coal mining wastes was significantly decreased by EnvironOxide™ amendments.   Additions of EnvironOxide™ to animal manure have been shown to decrease soluble P and H2S generation.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss how our EnvironOxide™ can suit your specific needs.

Updated 8/11/08