EnvironOxide™ products are produced at our plant in Clarion County , Pennsylvania . Bulk prices include
loading of loose EnvironOxide™ solids into dump trailer or triaxle truck. Prices are freshweight and
guaranteed to be at least 65% solids

EnvironOxide™ Pricing, FOB

EnvironOxide™ (coarse screen)

$210/ton (bulk)*

EnvironOxide™ Sorbents (coarse screen)

$210/ton (bulk)*

EnvironOxide™ Sorbents (fine screen)

$240/ton (bulk)*

EnvironOxide™ Pigments

Contact HCC


Supersacks on pallet

$65 per supersack

50 lb bags, on pallet


Special blending

Call for quote

*price is freshweight, guaranteed at least 65% solids

Trucking: Plant is one mile east of I-80 Exit 70. Nearest town is Corsica , PA (2 miles east)


Updated 8/11/08