Iron Oxide Recovery is currently producing EnvironOxide™ at three sites in western Pennsylvania.  The product is available in several formulations.  A 45-55% solids, unprocessed iron oxide is available directly from recovery sites in bulk (23 ton) truck loads.  At the IOR processing plant in northwestern Pennsylvania, partially processed products are produced that are 60-70% solids, screened to < 1 cm, and are available bulk or in supersacks.  A fully processed product is produced by Hoover Color Corporation in Hiwassee Virginia that is 90-95% solids and is available in supersacks or 50 lb bags. 

EnvironOxide™ is currently used in three applications:


EnvironOxide™ Pigments are the only green pigments available anywhere.



EnvironOxide™ has a high sorption capacity that is valuable for remediation projects.



EnvironOxide™ is being used on a dairy farm to lessen phosphate losses through its manure management system.


Updated 8/11/08