#1: How is EnvironOxide™ produced?

EnvironOxide™ production systems remove iron from polluted mine water through its precipitation as iron oxide. The patented passive technology consists of interconnected ponds that are designed to promote the formation of iron oxide solids and facilitate their efficient recovery. The discharge from the production ponds is directed into constructed wetlands, where residual iron is removed and a final discharge is produced that does not pollute the receiving stream. Over time, the iron oxide is removed from the production ponds, cleaned, dewatered, and transported either directly to a customer or to a processing facility for drying, milling, and packaging as EnvironOxide. 
For more information, click HERE to download a copy of Dr. Robert Hedin’s technical paper, “Recovery of Marketable Iron Oxide from Mine Drainage.”

#2: What is an “environmentally preferable product,”
and why is EnvironOxide™ considered to be one?

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, environmentally preferable products or services are those that have “a lesser or reduced effect on human health and the environment when compared to other products and services that serve the same purpose.”
EnvironOxide are environmentally preferable because they are:

  1. A suitable replacement for iron oxide that must be otherwise mined or produced synthetically, thereby reducing the demand for raw resources;
  2. Recovered as part of the mitigation of a significant water quality issue, which is an innovative use of a waste material; and

Produced within the region, thereby increasing the demand for building materials and products that are extracted and manufactured within the region.

#3: How can EnvironOxide™ be used?

Hoover Color Corporation produces a family of earth tone EnvironOxide™ Pigments that are readily interchangeable with other iron oxide pigments, and can be used to color a wide range of products in diverse applications.

EnvironOxide™ is useful in remediation applications because of high reactivity and adsorptive capabilities.  Studies with contaminated soils have shown strong affinity for As, Cd, Cu, and Zn.  EnvironOxide™ is a component of the TRAPPS™ soil stabilization system which is used to treat Pb-contaminated soils. 

A large field experiment recently demonstrated that release of Se by coal mining wastes was significantly decreased by EnvironOxide™ amendments.   Additions of EnvironOxide™ to animal manure have been shown to decrease soluble P and H2S generation.

For specific product applications, please refer to our Products page.

#4: How do I obtain information about EnvironOxide™ used for remediation.

For information about EnvironOxide™ remediation applications or to place an order, please contact:

Iron Oxide Recovery, Inc.
195 Castle Shannon Blvd.
Pittsburgh, Pa 15228
(412) 571-2204

#5: Is there really a market for
all of that iron oxide?
How much EnvironOxide™ can be produced?
As existing iron oxide reserves at abandoned coal mine sites are consumed, future resources will come from EnvironOxide™ production systems that are specially constructed to produce EnvironOxide™ ore from active mine discharges.

To meet the increasing demand for EnvironOxide™, Iron Oxide Recovery, Inc. continues to refine its recovery and processing techniques. In the coming years, EnvironOxide production systems having a collective capacity to produce 2,500 to 5,000 tons per year of iron oxide solids will be designed and installed.

#6: What is the relationship between Iron Oxide Recovery and Hedin Environmental? Hedin Environmental, Inc. is an environmental consulting firm that specializes in the assessment and remediation of coal mine drainage.

Using a patented passive treatment methodology, Hedin Environmental launched Iron Oxide Recovery, Inc. in 2001 to pursue the profitable production of iron oxide products from abandoned mine drainage.

#7: How do I place
an order for EnvironOxide™ pigment?
For more information on EnvironOxide™ pigment , please contact:
Hoover Color Corporation
2170 Julia Simpkins Road
Hiwassee, VA  24347

Updated 8/11/08